How to Choose Auto Insurance While in College

Being a student comes with its advantages. One major advantage of being enrolled as a full time student at a college or high school is discounts offered by car insurance companies. With so many car insurance options available, using online resources to pick the right one has never been easier.

Here are 7 steps in choosing the right car insurance:

Step 1: Open an internet browser and start searching. Search engines are a powerful means of attaining information on products, services, or companies.

Step 2: Type the words "car insurance quotes." A list of websites that review car insurance companies will appear. Begin the research with these results.

Step 3: Visit the car insurance company that is most reasonable in price and services. Visiting the actual website of the company you find will provide more details of what they actually offer.

Step 4: Look for an educational discount or student discount. In order to receive this discount, one must be a full time student enrolled at a high school or college.

Step 5: Fill out an online quote or call the car insurance company directly. Calling directly can provide answers in a more timely manner.

Step 6: Compare at least 3 companies. When doing research, reviewing services from multiple companies before deciding on a company can lead to the best results and the cheapest rates.

Step 7: Provide a copy of your transcript. Once you select a car insurance company to go with, you will need to provide them with an unofficial transcript to prove your school enrollment. Only after verification, will you receive the educational student discount.
Article from wikihow