Top 10 Sports Car in the US Action Movie

The chase scene change, the pilot cars on the highway, or in the desert is an icon in American action movies. If today the audience that Hollywood filmmakers to use many famous supercars from around the world to return to, then past the American muscle cars are used most.

Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger's muscle cars featured American brand created for the action movies.
Here are 10 of the American sports cars appearing in the movie most dramatic action.

1. Dodge Charger (1969)
For many people, the Charger’s most memorable performance was as General Lee on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show.

Throughout the seven years that the series ran for, over 300 Chargers were used. Many were smashed up as part of the stunts, and watching some episodes is enough to make muscle car lovers cringe.

But everyone was happy to see the iconic car return for the Dukes of Hazzard film in 2005. Several ’68 and ’70 models were dressed up to look like the 1969 iteration of the Charger specifically for the movie.
1969 Dodge Charger in Dukes of Hazzard 

Appeared in The Dukes of Hazzard movie, Dodge Charger perform many scenes, is the most impressive out of the warehouse fees. Total of 320 units Charger for filming, so far about 17 units still in operation.

2. Mustang Fastback Eleanor (1967)
1967 Shelby Mustang Gt500 Eleanor Gone 60 Seconds
To appear in the film Gone in 60 Seconds, Mustang Fastback Eleanor was edit to the same Shelby Mustang GT500.

3. Mustang Sportsroof Eleanor (1971)

Appearing in the film Gone in 60 Seconds original version 1974, Mustang 1971 was edit to  the 1973 version, also with Eleanor name.

4. Ford Mustang Mach 1 (1972)
Movie Death Proof has the appearance of Mustang Grande recording with the same color tones with character costume Uma Thurman.

5. Dodge Challenger R / T 440 Magnum (1970)
5 white Challenger used to shoot scenes High Speed in the Vanishing Point movie.

6. Ford Mustang Fastback (1968)
Bullitt is a film made famous the Ford Mustang with Steve McQueen character. Later, Ford launched the special edition Mustang GT named the Bullitt.

7. Dodge Charger R / T (1970)
In the Fast & Furious movie, Dodge Charger appears through a series of parts, with the engine at 900 horsepower.

8. Dodge Charger R / T (1969)
Nicolas Cage drives a 1969 Dodge Charger in the film Drive Angry. A total of 3 units to be used in the film.

9. Chevrolet Chevelle (1971)
In Faster movies, starring Dwayne Johnson Drive Chevrolet Chevelle 1971.

10. 1972 Ford Gran Torino (1972)
This Special Ford was named according to the film that it participated in Gran Torino, currently located in the garage of actor Clint Eastwood.