10 Cars That No Insurance Company Wants to Cover

Data was analyzed data from six different insurance companies covering 1,500 models and found that German brands, particularly Mercedes and BMW dominate the list, taking 8 of the 10 spots. While speed is certainly major factor for these immense premiums; speciality materials, race technology and the upgrades also play a major factor for the insurance companies.

Here are the 10 most expensive cars to insure in America.

Average cost of insurance per year: $3,574

The Nissan GT-R is a technological marvel that has given the world's fastest supercars a run for their money since its introduction in 2007. Thank God age has mellowed the GT-R at all because in 2015 Nissan released the 600hp track focused Nismo edition on GT-R. Carbon fibre upgrades and modifications like its 20-inch alloy wheels add nearly $50,000 to the GT-R’s base price. The new injection of power and all these 'go-faster' parts make a difference to the insurance companies, too. Expect to fork out $3,574 a year to keep this beast on the road. 

Average cost of insurance per year: $3,573
Tracing its roots back to the iconic SL cars of the 1950s, today’s SL-Class Mercedes is a luxurious and capable grand tourer at least until AMG gets ahold of it. 
On top of a host of suspension and aerodynamic upgrades, the SL65 has a 621 horsepower twin-turbocharged V12 crammed under the hood, taking the car from zero-to-60 in 3.9 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 186 miles per hour, but that’s more than enough to make the SL65 the second-most expensive car to insure in the United States. At $3,573, the Mercedes may cost an arm and a leg to keep on the road, but there’s one car that’s more expensive, and it beats the SL65 by one dollar.

Average cost of insurance per year: $3,250
The Viper is an intoxicating combination of luxury and blinding speed. With a single-mindedly focused on straight line speed and power, and a notorious rep as one of the hardest to handle cars on the planet, the Viper is one of the most expensive cars to insure on the Planet. Blistering power (645hp) and notoriously expensive replacement parts make them one of the most untouchable cars on the road for insurance companies.  

Average cost of insurance per year: $3,216
For many, the Porsche 911 is the ultimate sports car, and its combination of speed, handling, and iconic looks have kept it on the cutting edge of performance for over 50 years. 

The Carrera S may not be the fastest or the most expensive 911 Porsche builds, but its 186 mile per hour top speed and 400 horsepower flat-six engine make it no slouch either. An open-top coupled with fantastic performance make the Carrera S Cabrio one of the most desirable cars Porsche builds. Expect to fork over $3,216 a year to your insurance company for the privilege of owning one.

Average cost of insurance per year: $3,206
You guessed it, the Audi R8 5.2 Spyder Quattro has an powerful 5.2 litre engine, what you didn't guess is that this 530HP V10 monster engine began life in a Lamborghini Gallardo. Audi's first supercar is still holding its hold its own against the world’s best.

Average cost of insurance per year: $3,174
Polarizing looks be damned, the Panamera is one of the best performance sedans in the world. With a big 4.8 liter V8 under the hood good for 520 horsepower, the Panamera Executive offers Porsche speed and handling with luxurious seating for four. 
Prices for the Executive start at $161,100, but with Porsche’s notorious á la carte options list, prices can quickly surpass the $200,000 mark. With the Panamera, you can expect a zero-to-60 time of around four seconds, a top speed of 189 miles per hour, and an average annual insurance bill for $3,174.

7. BMW 760LI
Average cost of insurance per year: $3,147
Be prepared to shell out an extra $50,000  than the base model price t o get your hands on the 760Li. Is it worth it? You betcha as  its 535 hp  twin-turbo V12 powerplant can rocket the  from 0-60 in under 4.5 seconds. An insurers worst nightmare.

Average cost of insurance per year: $3,115
Since it was introduced in 2012, the latest-generation BMW M6 has been considered one of the best cars in the world. With gorgeous good looks, and an intoxicating combination of high luxury and blinding speed, the M6 pulls off the rare automotive hat trick in that it comes as a coupe, convertible, and four-door sedan and they’re all fantastic.
The M6’s 560 horsepower twin-turbo V8 takes the rear-wheel drive convertible from zero-to-60 in 4.3 seconds, and is the most powerful engine ever installed in a production BMW. If you really want one (and we all do), be prepared to shell out an additional $3,115 a year to keep it on the road.

Average cost of insurance per year: $3,042 
The Mercedes E63 AMG is the ultimate sleeper vehicle. Neve judge a book by its cover as this rather practical looking station wagon has a 5.5 liter twin-turbo V8 that produces a crazy 577hp, taking it to an  astounding top speed of  186 miles per hour. However, it may fool us but sadly not the insurance companies.   

Average cost of insurance per year: $2,972
Mercedes’ AMG tuning department has given it some added performance to go with its head-turning looks. The all-wheel drive CLS63 AMG gets a twin-turbo 577 horsepower  V8, a zero-to-60 time of 3.6 seconds, and hefty insurance fees.