Fiat S76 - "Monster in Turin" back after 100 years

Dubbed the "monster in Turin," Fiat S76 is set to break the record. "Beast of Turin" was born over 100 years ago. The power comes from four-cylinder engine capacity of 28.5 liters, 300 horsepower capacity.

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In 1911, the Fiat S76 breaks the speed record at the time the record 186 km/h. The design of the "monster" that looks like a spaceship. Each time the S76 ignition, smoke exhaled like a wildfire and sounds almost shattered the surrounding space, and fire come out from the exhaust gas after every hit like two guns were firing barrages.

Video: The 28.5 litre Fiat S76 attempting the Land Speed Record!

Video: 28.5-litre Fiat S76 runs for first time in over 100 years!

Photos Fiat S76 Driven For First Time In 100 Years