Driver crashed a £220,000 Ferrari hire car into a house

A 29-year-old man hired a £220,000 Ferrari for a family wedding and within hours had written off the car by crashing it into a house.

This is the carnage left when a Ferrari crashed into a house and ended up under a taxi after it was rented for a wedding
It is understood the driver had rented the 202mph supercar for a family wedding when he smashed into the side of the terraced home on Sunday night.
Residents of Luton came out to survey the scene after the 202mph car crashed on Sunday
Nobody was injured when the red and grey 458 Italia hit a low brick wall and wedged itself underneath a grey VW Passat taxi, however the car hire firm Prestige Lifestyle said the motor belonged to them and had been totally written off - with just 4,600 miles on the clock.

Moment £220,000 Ferrari is written off after smashing into house and ending up under taxi