Google Executive Surprises His Wife With a $2.7M LaFerrari FXX K Hypercar

Getting birthday surprises is the coolest thing ever, and Google executive Benjamin Sloss is very good at making awesome surprises. 

Google exec Benjamin Sloss bought his wife a Ferrari FXX K for her birthday
Mr. Sloss is well into motoring culture. Apparently he owns among other vehicles a McLaren P1, a Ferrari LaFerrari and a bright yellow 599XX, which he bought at a fund rising auction in the wake of the Emilia earthquake disaster in 2012.
Google executive Benjamin Sloss kisses his wife, Christine, in front of his birthday present for her, a Ferrari FXX K supercar.
Mind you, his “racewife”, Christine, is no different from him when it comes to automobiles and that’s why Sloss arranged for a few laps around Fiorano in their 599XX to celebrate her birthday – or at least that’s what his spouse thought, as Benjamin surprized her with a mesmerizing Ferrari FXX-K.
Ferrari LaFerrari FXX K bought by Google executive Benjamin Sloss for wife Christine
The FXX-K has a similar livery as their “old” 599XX, and it looks rad. Don’t think for a second that its paint scheme resembles a bumblebee, because the overall “Giallo Modena” is complemented by dark blue accents.

Sporting a combined output of 1015 PS produced by a 6.3-litre V12 and an electric motor, the car is stupendously fast. But, apparently, that isn’t enough to scare the missus, who, according to Ferrari, killed it around the track:
"Christine found the FXX K incredibly communicative, responsive, and confidence inspiring, and extraordinarily fast. After just a few laps she was running 1’20”, with a passenger on board, very close to the Fiorano FXX K lap record!" 
So, it seems there’s a reason why Benjamin Sloss calls her 'racewife'. Anyway, built in only 30 examples and costing around $3 million, the FXX-K is the mother lode of all birthday presents. But now it's time to look at the pictures, watch the short movies and get envious you're not a millionaire.

From Carscoops / Carthrottle