Magento Hosting - How to choose right hosting for Magento store

If you plan to use full power of Magento, e.g. multi-stores feature, build-in performance optimization modules, it is highly recommended to choose right hosting from the very beginning.

Choosing hosting provider for your Magento store you should consider 3 main aspects: Reliability, Security and Performance.

Magento is not the platform you can trust to the amatour. The freelancing or “hobby” hosters will not do. Magento platform functionality presupposes lots of different issues that only experienced service providers may handle. Thus, be accurate when choosing the web hosting company. It is desirable they had experience with hosting Magento platform. Find out the following points:
  • how long the company works in the industry
  • location of data server (it is better to locate a server in the country where you receive most of your traffic)
  • number of developers
  • number of databases
  • speed ratings the company provides
There are official Magento enterprise hosting companies you can rely on as you will be sure they have already worked with Magento. Magento system requirements are not enabled by default so you need to have them set for your particular store.
The speed of performance is crucial for each website. However, for Magento store it is particularly important. The platform can handle and proceed multiple products, images and orders. The powerful functionality should not be slowed down by hosting environment. From two Magento stores with the same type of inventory, the one with better speed performance will naturally win.

You can evaluate page load time on Demo Magento websites, suggested by hosting companies. Comparing several demo websites will help you find the server with appropriate speed rates. Note, that it will also improve your SEO, as Google penalizes slow websites and increases the site rank for speeding up. This is how hosting can make your site convenient for customers and competitive on the market.

Security and Support
To protect your site from hack attacks and your customers access information, you should choose the servers with high level of security guaranteed. Here are the things you should look for when choosing the web host for your store:
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which provides protection for credit card information. It will guarantee that your customer’s personal and sensitive information will be safe and sound. You will gain customers’ trust and will sleep like a baby without worrying about data security.
  • SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) will give the ability to make FTP connection less vulnerable and provide customers with secure way of file uploading.
  • Backup option provided by hosting company is also beneficial. In case of certain problem with website, or before Magento store migration, all data should be backed up. You can do it on your own of course, but it’s more convenient when your hosting provider offers such opportunity. Check which backup methods they use and where they save backups.
Another aspect to consider is appropriate Support. Sooner or later you will definitely need to contact hosting provider for access details or with any questions concerning server functionality. So, find out if they provide support services 24/7, how long does it take them to respond and what is the quality of the service in general. Different communication channels should be also provided for your convenience (support by phone, via email, support tickets or live chat).

Some things should know when choosing MAGENTO HOSTING

Check server environment.
There is a special Magento check script that automatically check the server environment and report if something is wrong.

In fact, this script just compare server environment parameters with Magento system requirements.

Make sure that your hosting will support all system requirements.

Multi-store Magento configuration.
Make sure that your hоsting is ready for multi-store Magento configuration.
Even if your hosting meet all general system requirements, it doesn't mean that multi-store feature is supported well.

Magento requires special configuration for Magento multi-store feature, where it is possible to call Magento core from a separate domain folder or direct all multi-store domains to a single server folder (both variants are Ok for Magento multi-stores).

The easiest solution to check it, is to ask your hosting provider to show you Magento multi-store demo.

The other important question is multi-domain SSL certificate, make sure that your hosting have experience with it and they will be able to install and configure multi-domain SSL for your stores.

Server performance modules.
Magento is fast and stable solution if hosting is modern and supports the latest performance technologies.
Ask your hosting about performance modules for PHP and caching systems they can offer, e.g.:
  • Memcahce support
  • xCache support
  • APC support
It is not necessary to install all these PHP modules, in most cases APC will be more than enough.

Level of Magento support.
One of the important things for hosting is support.

Make sure that they host other Magento stores and they Magento experienced. At least they should know terminology and basic Magento requirements. Otherwise it will be very hard communicate with them.

SSH access.
Your hosting should offer SSH access. SSH is useful for Magento maintenance and upgrades.
You will not be able to properly upgrade Magento without it.

Magento partners.
Make sure that your hosting provider is official Magento partner.
Or at least have good reputation among Magento users.