100 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die! (part 3)

Here we come to you with the list of top 100 most incredibly super awesome places to visit around the world, before you die. See which places our readers like the best, and vote for your favorites... 

Here are 100 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die! (part 3)

41 – Rome, Italy

Rome is a city and special comune (named Roma Capitale) in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy and of the Lazio region. With 2.9 million residents in 1,285 km2 (496.1 sq mi), it is also the country's largest and most populated comune and fourth-most populous city in the European Union by population within city limits. The Metropolitan City of Rome has a population of 4.3 million residents. The city is located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula, within Lazio (Latium), along the shores of Tiber river. The Vatican City is an independent country geographically located within the city boundaries of Rome, the only existing example of a country within a city: for this reason Rome has been often defined as capital of two states.
You can visit the coliseum while it’s still standing, the Sistine chapel and many other natural man-made historic buildings in the area. Also, make sure to visit the Vatican while you’re here.

42 – Paris, France
Start off the day by taking the Eiffel Tower to the top, then head on over to the Disneyland Resort or maybe check out the Notre Dame.

43 – Seoul, Korea
Embrace the different culture you’ll find in Korea by visiting some of the temples, take the Seoul tower for a ride and swing by the Olympic Stadium before you leave.

44 – Hong Kong, China
There’s a Disneyland here as well. Also, take an aerial view of the walled city that was supposed to be a military fort originally.

45 – Darwin, Northern Territory
You can visit one of the many museums that take up space here, get a great view at the Skycity or visit the Bicentennial Park.

46 – Democratic Republic of Congo

47 – Prague, Czech Republic
Castles, a dancing house and plenty of culture filled attractions inhabit this area, what more could anyone want on a vacation?

48 – Goa, India
Indulge into or try out water sports, get a Black Henna design or spend a night on the beach! It’s a popular attraction and many residents like to party the night away and sleep by the sea. I would be careful doing that last recommended activity.

49 – Iguazu Falls, Venezuela
Venezuela is a gorgeous country and home to the world’s most famous and exotic waterfalls: Iguazu Falls.

50 – Angel Falls, Canaima National Park, Venezuela
Angel Falls is well-known as being the highest water fall in the world!

51 – Perth, Western Australia
Perth is Austrailia’s sunniest capital city. Here they embrace a relaxed outdoor lifestyle. Enjoy the gorgeous beaches, festivals, and nightlife. The nature and beautiful blue oceans alone are worth the visit. You can even go sandboarding on the endless snow-white sand dune in Lancelin.

52 – Northern Lights, Norway, Canada, Iceland
The Northern Lights are one of the most beautiful and natural views that nature has ever created. They come around during certain seasons, so plan your vacation around those times if you plan on seeing them.

53 – Maldives Islands, Indian Ocean
There are an estimated 1,990 islands here and only 800 of them are thought to be inhabited so if you feel adventurous or feel like exploring some land, this is the perfect opportunity.

54 – Krakow, Poland
From scenic mountains to a salt mine, Poland has just about anything you could think of. Visit a castle, check out one of the marketplaces or just enjoy the view.

55 – New York
If you’re going to New York, you have to visit Manhattan and figure out why it’s called “The City That Never Sleeps”. Check out one of the many fashion events that go on in the city as well such as The Victoria’s Secret runway or attend a Broadway show.

56 – Dead Sea, Israel
There’s a historic ancient ruins site named Masada and there’s also a nature reserve by the name of “Ein Gedi Nature Reserve”. Not afraid of tight spaces? Check out the Qumran caves as well!

57 – Washington DC
You have to make a visit to the White House if you visit here and see if any public tours are going on. This is also the home of the richest panhandlers. It’s been estimated that some of these panhandlers make $400 or more a day.

58 – Martinique Island

59 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Visit the Van Gogh Museum, visit the Canals, check out one of the many historical museums or indulge in a “Las Vegas” lifestyle and visit the Red Light District for adult entertainment where prostitution is completely legal.

60 – Taj Mahal, India

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