How to Face MBA Interviews

Facing an interview at the top B-Schools anytime soon. Do not panic. The interviewers will never make you feel uncomfortable even if you end up answering nothing other than your name, Wish that's never the case! So there is almost nothing to be tensed about.

1. Be aware. Knowing the things you have done, what's happening around you puts you in a good state to face the interview. It's practically impossible to know everything that's happening in the world. Choose your areas of interest and be thorough in that.The professors are generally kind enough to ask you what you good at i.e. if you happen to say web services then knowing about SOAP, REST is a must. All the related study should be done in a detailed manner and be confident.

2. Stay Calm and composed during the interview. Be quick. It's the Quickness and spontaneity that is tested during the group discussions and written ability tests. The instant thought can only come to one if the brain is at peace so staying calm and cool during the entire interview process is a must.

3. Talk with the candidates who won't give stress. Having a pleasant mindset is necessary so ignore the ones who do the same even if they have experience. Do not panic even if the WAT and GD was quite general and you couldn't manage to put up few of the best points during the discussion. One can always cover up during the interview. GD is basically to test your confidence.
4. Think aloud. The interviewer should know in which direction your thoughts flow and why. Be honest about your projects,your work. Have general idea about political people. Know your ideal well. Have a read about few women entrepreneurs especially when you are a female candidate. Do not use native language words in your speech. Be fluent and give your best.