How to prepare yourself for an MBA interview

The MBA applicants who have submitted their applications to any business schools or are in the application writing process of writing B-School applications, should gear up for interviews as next round of the process after submitting online B-School application.

The best tip that can be given to an MBA aspirant is to prepare well for the forthcoming challenges.

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The An MBA interview is a key opportunity for MBA aspirants to show why they deserve to be a part of the aB-S school. The admission committee will assess candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and applicants should be prepared well to face any daunting tasks.

Applicants should be prepared for an MBA interview that can range go between 30 to 60 minutes. Applicants should be prepared for any range of questions and should use this opportunity to showcase their talents to the admissions committee.

You should try to engage the interviewers by a thoughtful display of knowledge, confidence, and enthusiasm.

You can set the tone by using these techniques, the interviewers of the B-S school will be happy to interact with a bright / qualified candidate for admission consideration into their institution.

MBA admissions consultants will tell you that the biggest mistake MBA applicants commit in the interview is when the interviewee comes unprepared. Applicants should do a thorough research on the B-School, should prepare their ideas and thoughts and also should know their interviewer/ school and subjects questions can be asked beforehand.

Applicants can also ask intelligent questions since most interviewers allot time at the end to give the applicant a chance to ask a few questions. Be sure to ask questions (about the subject) and be smart in your queries.

Try not to ask basic questions, especially if they can be found over in any brochure or their website.

Asking a well-thought out question is another way to develop positive rapport with your interviewer and can convey your level of interest in the program.

Most important tip for the interviewee: Do not be late at all. This gives a bad impression on applicant’s part.

Applicants can also prepare by practicing in mock interviews. Prepare with friends, seniors and working professionals, conduct mock interviews and share feedback on how you have fared (body language and personality impact).Have a full dress rehearsal as well before the interview.