iPhone 7 Plus use dual camera?

iPhone 7 Plus use dual camera?
Apple iPhone 7 Plus can be designed thinner but more clusters protruding camera lens by using dual system.
Bastille Post published photos for the iPhone 7 Plus (or another name predict iPhone 7 Pro) with multiple changes in appearance. Notably, in addition to product constructs images also appear on the actual hands of Apple's new phones.

Image formation rumored iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera on the back.

Accordingly, the successor to the iPhone 6s Plus will have dual cameras on the back. Had many leaks about US technology company equipped with two rear-facing camera for iPhone new life and additional images confirming confirming rumors are unfounded. Specifically, the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus clusters are doing bigger and further convex as the previous generation.

Other changes are more points of interest are plastic antenna strip divided into three parts iPhone did not appear on the iPhone 7. In fact, this information can not be completely eliminated but Apple put on and close to the edge bottom edge, making new products more seamless look.

On the underside iPhone 7 Plus three small dots appear, supposedly Smart Connector port. This communication has appeared on the iPad Pro used to connect the tablet with other accessories. Also on the new Apple smartphone life, it promises to help iPhone 7 Plus charger without plug Lightning.
iPhone 7 may be thinner than the iPhone 7 6s current 1 mm.
Like the previous rumors, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is likely omitted the 3.5 mm headset jack. Instead, the company will merge this line into the general sound or music Lightning port will have to use a wireless connection. Thus, thinner iPhone 7 is said to be 6.1 mm, compared to the iPhone 6s of 7.1 mm.

In the past, Apple has a tradition of giving many beta iPhone before the official release of the device. As usual, it will introduce new phones in September and features mentioned above can change compared to commercial products.
IPhone 7 Plus with image building clusters based on rumors dual camera.

Picture Plus built 7-based iPhone rumors will remove 3.5 mm headset jack.