iPhone 7 rumours: The best features and Price?

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 7 this fall, most likely in September, and a full panoply of iPhone 7 rumors is already circulating. Of course, it's still early in the cycle, and one never knows exactly what's coming until Apple makes the announcement. Plus, Apple typically tests a variety of prototypes, so some of the rumored features may not make it into the final release. That said, here's a roundup of the iPhone 7 rumors that are the most persistent.

iPhone 7 rumours: The best features and Price?
No Headphone Jack
Out with the old, in with the new. Apple is legendary for dropping old technologies and going all in on the new. In this case, given the ubiquity of Bluetooth headphones, Apple is apparently planning to drop the headphone jack on the next iPhone. This would have many advantages, most notably allowing the phone to be thinner. For those who prefer a wired connection, Apple will likely offer an adapter that would allow the Lightning port to be used. Whether or not we see this move, it certainly makes a lot of sense.

A Second Speaker for Stereo Sound
A number of rumors are suggesting that another reason for cutting the headphone jack is to make room for the addition of a second speaker. The iPhone 7 would therefore be the first iPhone to offer stereo sound via its speakers.

Wireless Charging
If the absence of a headphone jack in some cases entails using the Lightning port as a replacement, then how do you charge your device and connect it to wired speakers at the same time? One tentative rumor is that the iPhone 7 will offer wireless charging. It's widely believed that Apple is exploring this (which is obvious), but it remains a question whether it will incorporate this feature into the iPhone 7.

Dual-lens Camera for iPhone 7 Plus
Starting with the iPhone 6, the cameras on the two iPhone models diverged, with the iPhone 6 plus offering Optical Image Stabilization. This bifurcation continued with the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. Apple is rumored to be taking things even further with the iPhone 7 by giving the iPhone 7 plus a dual-lens camera setup. This would be big. The quality of the photos would approach that of photos taken with a DSLR camera. In addition, the dual lens would allow for optical zoom and would give better performance in low-light conditions. Plus, the photos will be clearer and brighter, with less noise and more accurate color.

Thinner Design, No Protruding Camera
Clearly the protruding camera on the iPhone 6 and 6s was a klutzy design compromise, and a newly svelte iPhone 7 is expected to lose the bulge. Rumors are suggesting the the iPhone 7 will be the thinnest yet, 6.0-6.5mm. That compares to 6.9 for the iPhone 6 and 7.1 for the iPhone 6 plus. (The iPhone 6s models were even thicker than the iPhone 6 models.) Also rumored is a change to the antenna bands on the back of the phone. The iPhone 7 may be losing the bands that run across the back of the phone, but will retain those that run along the sides and top and bottom.

Screen Sizes
Most expect that the overall form factor will remain the same, with 4.7- and 5.5-inch models. Apple has often changed the form-factor and design in alternate years, and the last major design change was two years ago. But the company will most likely stay with the display sizes first introduced with the iPhone 6 and 6 plus in 2014. However, there has been a rumor that the display would be edge-to-edge, meaning that the phone overall would be narrower. This seems credible, given that Samsung has already achieved this with its flagship phones.

Water Resistance
There's been some suggestion that the iPhone 7 will no longer be made of metal and that the new materials would be more resistant to water and dust.

RAM and Processor
The iPhone 7 is expected to use the A10 processor, which will ramp up speed and efficiency. One rumor has the iPhone 7 coming with 2 GB RAM while the iPhone 7 plus will be bumped up to 3 GB. If this latter rumor is true, it means there will be even greater distinction between the two models, clearly making the Plus a higher-end model.

Storage Options
There have been few rumors about storage sizes, but some commentators are suggesting that Apple will certainly increase the base option to 32 GB, given that 16 GB is hardly sufficient these days. There's speculation that the options will be 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. However, there has indeed been a rumor that the iPhone 7 Plus would have a 256 GB option. If it's true that the 7 Plus will have a different camera than the iPhone 7, then this rumor also seems likely to be true, as Apple continues to add features that differentiate the iPhone 7 Plus from the iPhone 7.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will ship with EarPods that will connect to the Lightning port. But more exciting is the rumor that Apple will also sell optional Bluetooth earphones that will not only not have a wire connecting them to the iPhone but will also not have a wire between the two headphones. There will be individual pieces for each ear.

There haven't been any rumors regarding the iPhone 7 cost, and unlike features and design, price is something that can be determined very late in the cycle. However, one can speculate that Apple will follow its usual practice of introducing the new models at the same price as the previous year's models. Currently Apple is selling the base model iPhone 6s for $21.64 a month with carrier financing, or $649 to buy it outright. The 6s plus runs $24.97 per month, or $749 if you purchase it up front. It's unlikely the company would make the iPhone 7 cost higher, given that lower-cost Android phones available. And it seems unlikely it would introduce the phones at a lower price, since that's just not the Apple way.