Top 10 most amazing caves in the world

Located within remote areas, formed by dissolving of larger limestones or huge openings left behind by seas, the majestic caves always catches your attention. You want to be an extreme adventurer for exploring all larger caves in the world. At same time some of caves are opens for public. 

Followings are Top 10 most amazing caves in the world.

1- Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

It is the most amazing and largest cave in the world, located in Quang Binh Province of Vietnam. The actual meaning of Son Doong Cave is “Mountain river cave”, formed by action of river, eroding away limestone from the underneath of mountain, round 2-5 million years ago. Son doong cave was discovered by a local man named Ho-Khanh in 1191, first survey was done by British cave research team in 2009.

Son doong cave is 9 kilometer in length and 150 meters in height. The fast flowing underground river have length of 1.6 kilometer. This river makes whistling sound within the cave. Son doong cave linked with 150 individual caves. This network of caves also contains underground river, lake and dense jungle.
The massive opening within roof of cave creates huge skylights. Son doong cave is opened for public by tourist company Oxalis, demands $3000 for exploring this cave. Also you have to pass through dense forest for reaching this cave, will take one and half day for crossing this jungle.

2- The Cave of Crystals (Mexico)

One of most recentlty discovered caves of the world, the Crystal Caves were discovered in 2000 after drilling for an aquifer, and pumping out tens of thousands of gallons of water. Scientist were able to see the chasm below. The crystal formations are mind bogglingly large, some measuring over 30 feet in length and 4 feet in diameter. They were formed due to a water source rich in calcium sulphate, heated by an infusion of magma.

The scale of the crystals is hard to imagine until you see the pictures of people standing on and near these immense formations. The debate continues about this miraculous cave, some think that the cave should be allowed to re-flood so that the crystals may continue to grow.

3- Ice Cave, Mutnovsky Volcano, Russia

This amazing ice cave located near Mutnovsky volcano in Northern Russia. This kind of ice caves formed by streams flow through glacier fields at bottom level of Mutnovsky volcano. This ice cave is 300 meters in length, can see different coloring inside the cave. During summer season the roof of this cave becomes transparent and makes many attractive visuals.

4- Carlsbad Caverns (USA)

Probably the best known cave in the world and for good reasons. Located in Southeastern New Mexico, this National Park draws over 700,000 visitors each year. With over 20 different chambers, or rooms, 16 species of bats, and an average summer temperature of a cool 58°. With rooms like “The Hall of the Giants”, an amazing 350,000 square foot cave. You could spend countless hours, if not days exploring this national treasure.

5- Glowworms Cave, New Zealand

This site is known for the highest population of glowworms, lives exclusively in New Zealand. They only lives in deep forest or dark caves, as other environment won’t match for their growth. This mosquito sized glowworms hangs within ceilings of caves and produce bioluminescent glow, becomes one of finest attractions in New Zealand.

6- Batu Caves, Malaysia

This limestone hill contains many caves and cave temples, located in Gombak of Malaysia. This series of caves formed 400 million years ago, named after batu river flows through the hill. Temuan people, one of ancient tribes in the country used many parts of this cave series as shelter.

The cave temple on the batu hill stands as one of most popular Hindu shrines in the country. Visitors have to climb 272 steps for reaching this temple. This temple complex includes three main caves, larger one features Hindu shrines. Remaining two caves found as gallery and museum, contains many paintings and statues.

7- Cave In Algarve, portugal

This cave system primarily formed through continuous action of sea waves over larger rocks. Visitors can reach this cave only by water. It offers three major openings, most attractive site within coastline of Algarve. This site also contain clear blue water, attracts many visitors every year.

8- Marble Caves, Patagonia

This water filled cavern system is situated in general carrera lake, Patagonia, within Chile-Argentina border, one of most remote areas in South America. It is one of the largest deposit of marble in the world. The continuous action of waves for more than 6000 years formed this spectacular marble cave system.

This water filled cave illuminated by sunlight, as it is filled with turquoise water within the walls. The cave contain different water levels at different time intervals. In that way this cave system makes incredible visual effects.

9- Tham Lod Cave, Thailand

Tham lod cave is located in Mae Hong Son province of Northern Thailand. The carvings within this cave believed to be from ancient lawa people of Thailand, also thinks to be home for them for a long time. Archaeologists also discovered different clay pottery works and other tools from this cave.

Ancient drawings are also found within the wall of this cave. The 1.6 km long cave includes many stalactites and stalagmites. The entire area is surrounded by forest and small paths leads tourists to this cave, can see large number of swifts and other species of birds inside the cave.

10 - Mammoth Cave (USA)

One of the oldest and most well known caves in the United States, located in central Kentucky. Mammoth Cave boasts to be the longest in the world with over 365 miles of subterranean passageways. The cave was “discovered” by American settlers in the late 18thcentury, but was well known to local Native Americans long before. It was made a National Park in the summer of 1941. Some spectacular sights to see include; a giant sinkhole named “Cedar Sink” or “Frozen Niagara” just to name a few.