How to Find Your Color Code in Your Car

Auto manufacturers assign specific codes to their vehicles' exterior paint colors. You may need to access this information for your specific vehicle if it is in need of exterior repairs, or touch ups. You will want to ensure that your service station uses the correct paint when, and if, exterior touch-ups are needed. The paint color code may vary from year to year, as minor differences in the paint color or pigment may occur, so it is also important to provide the vehicle's model year. Once you have located the correct paint code you will be able to purchase the correct coordinating touch up paint.

How to Find the Paint Color Code on Ford Vehicles
Try using the following 2 methods to Find the Paint Color Code on Ford Vehicles:

1- Finding Your Color Code in Your Car

1. Look on the driver's side front door panel. In most cases, the color paint code in Ford vehicles is located on the driver's side front door panel. If you open your door and look along the side of the door, towards the bottom you should see a manufacturer's label. This will contain the color code.

2. Check the driver's side front door lock pillar. The majority of Fords will have the manufacture's label on the front door panel. However, it may be on the front door lock pillar. Open the car door on the driver's side. Look at the small ridge inside the car, usually blocked when the door is closed. The manufacturer's label may be towards the bottom of this ridge.

3. Locate the color code on the manufacturer's label. Once you've found the manufacturer's label, you can use this to locate the color code. The color code is found below the bar code and marked by two digits, which can be either numbers or letters. The two digits are listed above or next to the words "exterior paint colors." For example, if you saw the letters "PM" written above "exterior paint colors" this would mean the color code is PM.

2- Using the Vehicle Identification Number

1. Find the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) under the dashboard. In the event your manufacturer's label is missing, you can use your vehicle identification number to find your color code. You can either contact the Ford company or look the code up online. Your VIN is usually listed on the lower lefthand corner of the dashboard, just in front of the steering wheel. You can read your VIN by looking through the windshield.

2. Check other locations if the VIN is not under the dashboard. Usually, you should have no problem finding the VIN by looking through the dashboard. However, if your VIN does not appear there, you can look in a variety of other locations.

If you pop the hood, look at the front of the engine. The VIN may be listed here. You may also find the VIN near the front your car's frame, next to the container that holds the windshield.
You can try opening your driver's side door and looking inside the door frame. You may see the VIN roughly where the side-view mirror would be if the door was closed. You may also see the VIN near where the door latches closed.

3. Call the Ford company. You can call the Ford company with and ask about your color code. As long as you provide the VIN, someone at Ford should be able to let you know your color code. You can call the Ford company at 1-800-392-3673. Make sure to call sometime between Monday and Friday, as the company is closed on weekends.

4. Enter your VIN on a website. There are various websites, such as ChipEx, where you can type in your VIN. The website will be able to provide you with your color code based on your VIN. You may want to call the Ford Company, however, just to double-check that your code is accurate, as websites you find through a search browser may not be officially affiliated with the Ford Company.