1962 Chevy Impala SS That Was Stolen And Recovered

This beautiful 1962 Chevy Impala SS was stolen several years ago and if they see how great this car looks today, they would probably try and steal it again. Fortunately, the thieves are now behind bars and serving time for stealing such a great ride.
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A little bit of action and adventure to the life of a classic car usually adds to its value and being a previously stolen car, the story of this Impala is certainly interesting. Even though this ride had some rough years, it remains a mostly original and untainted classic. Its current owner, Bill Schill, plans to keep it that way.

Stolen 1962 Chevy Impala SS
Bill Schill lives in Campbellsport, Wisconsin, just bought this Impala because he wanted a car he could enjoy and later realized that this was a survivor with a bit of history. One of his friend’s brother had a great looking Impala and wanted to have one just like it. This Impala was the answer and even though it has a smaller engine, Bill loves his classic ride and enjoys driving it around town. He has no plans in selling this Impala and expects that it will be with them for a very long time.

This Impala is an incredibly original example with only a handful of maintenance parts replaced. The original red interior matches really well with the glossy black exterior that is also highly original. All of the trims and chrome are intact. The engine was never been rebuilt. It even still wears the same tires when Schill purchased it 13 years ago. Schill says the tires still good for cruising.

As expected from a 55-year-old car, the exterior has a few scratches but still has a beautiful shine. Schill sent the car for a full bodywork buff which explains why it has such a beautiful glow but he also said that it is probably the last buff as the paint is already too thin.

A few years ago, Schill tried to learn more about his car and contacted the original owner using the original paperwork of this Impala. That was the time he learned about the interesting history of this car.

This Impala was originally a California car and was mainly used by the original owner’s buyer. After his mother could no longer drive the car, the original owner got it back and rarely drove it. When he transferred to Lake Tahoe, he realized that the mountains was not a great place for this Impala and decided to sell it. It was purchased by someone from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, who owned a body shop. Unfortunately, the man died and this Impala was stored for around 8 years. The family then set it up for sale and Schill bought the car around 2003.

But before this Impala arrived in Wisconsin, it was stolen from its original owner and was smuggled through several states. The original owner said that it was stolen around the early 1990s and was gone for more than a month. A police department from the East Coast called them and the car was returned. Although the insurance company said that they will pay for the car, the original owner wanted the car back and so they shipped it back to California. When the car arrived, it still had the scratches done by the thieves. They forced open the trunk and crawled through the back seat. They then tore off the VIN plate so it would be harder to trace its origin. The original owner got a new VIN plate but with the original VIN number.

The Impala still has some of the scars left by the thieves and for Schill, they are small details that serve as a reminder to the interesting history of this car and has no plans in removing those scars.

The Chevrolet Impala was one of the most iconic cars during the early 60s. A total of 704,900 Impalas were produced in 1962. The Impala was at the top of Chevrolet’s stable and was built in a wide range of body types including a 2-door sports coupe, 4-door hardtop sedan, convertible, post sedan, and 6- & 9-passenger wagons. It also had various engine options, from the tamed 235 ci 6-cylinder engine that produced 135 horsepower to the iconic 409/409 V8 engine. This impala is powered by the 327 ci four-barrel V8 engine topped with dual exhausts, it is rated at 250 horsepower and was an additional $191 at that time.

The best of the Impala line is the Super Sport (SS) with the Option Code 240 which was an option for the Impala Sports convertible and coupe for an added $53.80 and $102.25 for the bucket seats. The Impala SS was first available on the 1961 year model and almost 100,000 Impala SS were sold in 1962.

A 1964 Impala was actually the car of choice for Schill but when he saw this 1962 Impala in 2003, he called the owner and after 3 weeks, the bought the Impala. The car had around 67,000 miles on it and looked like what is shown in the pictures. Schill has added a lot of miles since then and regularly drives it to local car shows.
1962 Chevy Impala SS exterior
Schill tries his best to preserve the originality of this car but has done some mechanical repairs to keep it running. He also repaired the door lock buttons and bought aftermarket floor mats because there weren’t any when he got it. He also replaced the usual maintenance parts such as the battery, plug wires, and fuel pump. The license plates are also new.
Black 1962 Chevy Impala SS
Schill says that this car will eventually need extensive repairs, especially for the fact that he drives it quite a lot. He will try his best to keep it as original as long as possible but eventually the inevitable breakdown will come.

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