1966 Ford High Country Mustang

The Ford Mustang has been one of the most popular and most successful pony cars in history, millions of Mustangs were sold but there were some areas in the states that the sales were not as strong as the dealers expected them to be. Over a hundred Colorado dealers looked for a way to increase their Mustang sales and the answer was the special edition Ford Mustang “High Country”
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The special edition model was only made available in the Colorado area and it only had 3 color themes – Timberline Green, Aspen Gold, and Columbine Blue. On the bright side, they have most of the Mustangs body style and performance options.
1966 Ford High Country Mustang

From 1966 to 1968, the High Country Mustangs were built in a Ford assembly plant in San Jose, California. This 1966 Ford High Country Mustang is one out of 333 units that were shipped via train through the Rockies to the Denver, Colorado Ford dealerships. These 333 special edition mustangs have the special High Country Badge.
1966 Ford High Country Mustang
The High Country did its job and increased the Mustang sales, by the next year the production increased to more than 400 cars. The California dealers heard of this and wanted to share the spoils. In 1968, they ordered almost 4,000 cars that were similar to the High Country but have several fiberglass body parts such as scoops, spoilers, etc. These models were known as the California Specials. They also had the GT/CS emblems on them, the CS stands for Carroll Shelby as they made the body flairs for it.

This original special edition 1966 Ford Mustang High Country with a Columbine Blue paint is a single owner classic but now is up for sale by a private seller. The father of the seller was the first owner of this car and has been in their family ever since but the seller says that “it is time for our family to sell this car to someone who can give it the time and attention it deserves, and it is time for our kids to go to college.”
1966 Ford High Country Mustang interior
According to the seller, it has 230,000 original miles on its odometer and is being sold for $19,500. The High Country Mustang looks very great and most of it is original including the 290 cid V8 engine, automatic transmission, and radio. Even the Columbine Blue is still the original finish. Aftermarket wheels are currently installed on it but the original ones will be included as well.

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